Campus Research Day Information

The deadline to participate was February 19, 2021.

About Campus Research Day

Campus Research Day has been a long-standing tradition on Southern’s campus. The event began over a decade ago when the School of Nursing set aside a day to showcase student research within its department. After the event grew to encompass nearly every academic department on campus, McKee Library took on the massive task of organizing and coordinating the event.

Format Changes

Campus Research Day, coming Thursday, April 15, 2021, will be conducted virtually this year. Oral presentation participants will give their presentations via Zoom meetings, and poster session participants will submit digital posters along with a 5-minute pre-recorded video presentation, both of which will be available on Knowledge Exchange.

The event will feature a research competition with scholarship money awarded to winners in three categories: humanities, sciences, and social sciences. Each of the three category winners will receive $675, and the poster session winner will receive $100. The competition will take place in the morning, with winners announced on social media by 11:00 am. Winners will then present their research virtually at the Deans' Luncheon showcase at noon.

Scholarship Competition

All students participating in the research competition must have departmental recommendation to enter the competition and present. This means that professors are on the lookout for high-quality papers and will recommend these for inclusion in the Campus Research Day scholarship competition. Each department may recommend up to three students to enter the competition, and nominations must be ranked by the department. The Campus Research Day committee will further refine competition participants as needed by selecting finalists to compete for the scholarships.

Non-Competitive Presentations

All students who wish to present during Campus Research Day, but not to compete for the scholarships, are welcome to submit a presentation proposal for inclusion in the program. All such students who get professor approval will be included in the program, provided they register by the deadline, February 19, 2021.

Submitting a Proposal

The deadline to submit a proposal was Friday, February 19, 2021.

Submission Guidelines and Additional Information

For submission requirements and more information about Campus Research Day, please visit the Campus Research Day Guide.