Call for Proposals

Campus Research Day 2021 will be held on April 21, 2022. The proposal deadline is February 14, 2022.


While we are currently planning to host the event in person, plans may change based on COVID guidelines. Any changes to the format will be announced on the event website and via email.

Scholarship Competition

All students participating in the research competition must have departmental recommendation to enter the competition and present. Professors will be on the lookout for high-quality papers and will recommend these for inclusion in the Campus Research Day scholarship competition. Each department may recommend up to three students to enter the competition, and nominations must be ranked by the department. The Campus Research Day committee will further refine competition participants as needed by selecting finalists to compete for the scholarships.

The research competition provides scholarship money awarded to winners in three categories: humanities, sciences, and social sciences. Each of the three category winners will receive $675, and the poster session winner will receive $100. The oral presentation competition will take place in the morning, with winners announced on social media by 11:00 am. Winners will then present their research at the Deans' Luncheon showcase at noon. The poster session competition will take place during the poster session.

Non-Competitive Presentations

All students who wish to present during Campus Research Day, but not to compete for the scholarships, are welcome to submit a presentation proposal for inclusion in the program. All such students who get professor approval will be included in the program, provided they register by the deadline, February 14, 2022.

Poster Session

The poster session is at 2 - 3:15 p.m. during Campus Research Day. Presenters must provide their own easel, if needed, or utilize a trifold poster. The poster session competition will take place during the poster session. The winner of the competition will receive a $100 scholarship. Non-competing participants are welcome. Poster proposals are due by February 14, 2022.


Please contact Bethany Howard at with any questions regarding Campus Research Day.

Proposal Submission

Submit your proposal using the proposal form. Proposals are due by February 14, 2022.