Poster session was conducted asynchronously for Campus Research Day 2021. Poster session participants submitted digital posters along with a 5-minute pre-recorded video presentation, both of which are available on below.

Those who participated in the competition have an asterisk beside their title.

Winner: Jonathan Pinero

Judges: Lunelle Bertresse, Dennis Negron, and Tamie Suzuki


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Normal vs Abnormal: Histology of Alcoholic Liver Disease

Reyna Adame

Effects of Excessive UV Exposure on Normal Skin Tissue

Javiera Alquinta


Diana Alvarez

Social Injustice and Racial Profiling: African American Males in College

Steven Aris

Synthesis of Phosphindolizine

Tyler Bell

Synthesis of Phosphoindolizine

Elaina Bergondo

The Relationship Between Socioeconomic Status and Psychological Well-being

Amanda Brennan

The Relationship Among Social Support, Stress, and Inflammatory Markers Among College Students: A Correlational Study

Bailey Bryant, Southern Adventist University

*The Relationship between Health and Socioeconomic Status for American Families

Andrew Burke

Products of an acid-catalyzed 1-methylcyclopentene reaction

Erin Burke

Renal Cell Carcinoma

Essence Bush

Eosinophilic Esophageal Tissue vs Normal Esophageal tissue

Elizabeth Cannon

The Relationship Between Academic Success and Self-Efficacy Among First Generation College Sudents

Emily Carvajal

Histologically Analyzing the Effects of Marfan Syndrome on Aortic Dilation

Ken Cautivar, Southern Adventist University

Impact of Religious and Political Affiliation on Climate Change Views and Environmental Behavior

Desiree Clemons

Differences between eczema affected skin and normal

Alain Czaykowsky

"What lights up your "tech"? - subtitle: Synthesis of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) using to 2,2-dibromo-1,1-binapthalene

Jefferd Daniel

Physical Activity and Mental Illnesses in Young Adults

Theo Davis

Dibenzophosphole Synthesis from 4-4’-ditertbutyl-1,1’-biphenyl by Double C-P Bond Formation

Annette Echevarria

College Students' Views on Police

Eric Eiselstein

A look at the Histopathology of Urticaria When Compared with Normal Skin Histology

Lauren Evans, Southern Adventist University

The Influences of Music and Film on Human Emotions in Adults

Jjanyl Federico

Developing an Experiment for General Chemistry II

Tyler Fisher

*Paraplegia and Cell Structure

Jane Garcia

College Students' Anxiety Levels and Perceived Experience of the Spotlight Effect

Bianca Gomez, Southern Adventist University

Destructive results of leprosy

Sam Han

Synthesis of a Novel Polycyclic Phosphole

Daniel Hebard

*Dream Recall Frequency and Personality Types at Southern Adventist University Undergraduate Students

Kleber Hernandes

Leader Styles & Employee Satisfaction

Elizabeth Hernandez

Seborrheic Dermatitis: A Comprehensive Review

Dan A Kim

Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Dustin Kim

Mindfulness and Stress Levels in Graduate Students

Jonathan Kim


Joshua Kim

Epidermolysis Bullosa : A Histological Overview

Junho Kim

The Relationship Between Chronic Pain and Stress, Depression, and Anxiety in Students

Hannah Lewis

Synthesis of a substituted tribenzophosphindole

Parker Litchfield

Adolescent Psychological Control and Assertiveness in College Students

Angie Luna

The Influence of Emotional Intelligence, Self-Control, & Self-Efficacy on the Academic Success of Individuals

Mica Mihaescu

Acne Vulgaris

Yejun Oh

*The Impact of Political Beliefs on Ethical Positions in Adults

Kiana Oliver

Mental Illness and Resilience in College Students Who Have Dealt with Sexual Abuse

Jaelle Olmedo

Coronary Heart Disease

Judy Ornelas, Southern Adventist University

The Effects Mental Health on Academic Success

Justin Patterson, Southern Adventist University

*Socioeconomic Status and Ethnicity: How Does it Affect Civic Engagement?

Jonathan R. Pinero

Arterial Atherosclerosis

Nicole Pustea


Andrew Retz

The effect of parenting styles and religiosity on emerging adults

Genesis Rivas

The Implications of Family Structure on College Students

Jillian Roberts

Formation of a Di-substituted phenylphosphole from 5-iodo-m-xylene

Keiffher Rosendo

The Difference Between Normal Skin Tissue and Melanoma Skin Tissue

Eduardo Saldivar

The Lupus Rash

Allen Sangar

The Ideal Vacation: How A Good Weekend Can Prevent Burnout

Ian Sayles

Socioeconomic status and political participation in college and university students

Patrick Scriven

Synthesis of Dibenzophosphole Derivatives

Allan Roy Sison

Histology of Psoriasis

Allan Roy Sison

Synthesis of Dibenzophospholes from Biphenyl

Claudia Velasquez, Southern Adventist University


Rica Veluz

The Correlation Between Adult Psychedelic Drug Use and Adult Anxiety and Depression

Tori Waegele

Correlation Between Abundance of Fossils in Harvester Ant Nest and Proximity of Fossil Sites

Hayeong Woo