This collection includes works by faculty of the School of Nursing at Southern Adventist University.


Submissions from 2021

Collaborations to Serve the Health-challenged in our Community., Ronda Christman, Farrron Kilburn, Michelle Youngblood, and Cynthia Gettys Ph.D.


Nursing Pathway Project: Finding Solutions to the Underrepresentation of Men in Nursing, Cristan Sabio, Steven J. Palazzo, Andrew J. Richards, Thomas Rossini, Vernon M. Langford, and Julian L. Gallegos

Submissions from 2020

Co-creation of an Emergency Preparedness Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Simulation, Beth Scott Dr., Ronda Christman, Gary Bradley, Liane DeSouza, Rebecca Retzer, Laura Racovita, and Cynthia Gettys Ph.D.

Submissions from 2019


360 Degree Virtual Reality Increases Student’s Confidence in Clinical Skills in Simulation, Ronda Christman, Barbara James, and Kerry Allen

Submissions from 2017

Clergy training for effective response to intimate partner violence disclosure: Immediate and long-term benefits, D. R. Drumm, J. Thayer, L. L. Cooper, S. Mayer, T. Foster, H. Gadd, and K. Brayak

Submissions from 2016


Moral Distress: Cowardly Lion to Courageous Action, Frances Johnson 2362973


Student's Assistance and Contribution to their Community after participating in an Emergency Prepardeness Inter-Professional Collaborative Practice Simulation, Elizabeth Scott, Ronda Chrstman, Sonia Wrate, Rebecca Retzer, Laura Racovita-Szilagyi, Cynthia Gettys, and Brooks Kirschmann

Submissions from 2014


The Effect of a Group Lifestyle Coaching Model on HbA1c and Psychosocial Constructs in Low-Income Patients with Type 2 Diabetes, Lillian Tryon, D.N.P.