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Submissions from 2019

Science in the Founding and Early Development of the University of California, Michael Weismayer

The Development of California Agriculture and the First California Colleges, Michael Weismayer

The Level VI North-East Temple at Tel Lachish, Itamar Weissbein, Yosef Garfinkel, Michael G. Hasel, Martin Klingbeil, Burach Brandl, and Hadas Misgav

Perilous Times Call for Emergency Preparedness, Sonia Wrate; Ronda Christman; Beckie Retzer; Elizabeth Scott; Laura Racovita; Faith Laughlin; L. deSouza; Alexandra Raney; J. D. Fraker; Rachel Williams-Smith; Cynthia Gettys, Ph.D.; and Maureen Baksh-Griffin

Submissions from 2018

Fostering a self-motivating culture of study: the halbe Stunde program, Loren A. Barnhurst Ph.D.

Information Literacy Preparedness, Deyse Bravo

Story time: the benefits of reading together as a family, Deyse Bravo-Rivera and Jessica Spears

The Pocket Ellen G. White Dictionary, Michael Campbell and Judson Lake

Faith and Science, Kenneth E. Caviness

Why Science Doesn't Weaken My Faith, Kenneth E. Caviness

Student and Professor Perceptions of Engagement in Online Classes., Ronda Christman; Cynthia Gettys, Ph.D.; and Tammy Overstreet

Emergency Preparedness Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Simulation: Are Our Students Ready?, Ronda Christman; L. L. Lesueur; Sonia Wrate; Rebecca Retzer; E. J. Scott; Laura Racovita; Maureen Baksh-Griffin; Faith A. Laughlin; Cynthia Gettys, Ph.D.; and L. A. Schwarzer

Nursing Students Self-Care Activities and Social Media Usage, Ronda Christman, E J. Scott, C. Booher, R. Mitchell, E. Muriu, K. Vietz, and D. Wilson

Time Spent Studying, on Social Media, and Spirituality: Nursing Students Perceptions, Ronda Christman, E. J. Scott, C. Booher, E. Muriu, and R. Mitchell

Nursing Students are Spending More Time on Social Media than Studying, Ronda Christman, E. J. Scott, E. Muriu, C. Booher, and R. Mitchell

Art, Cult, and Epigraphy Jerusalem, Yosef Garfinkel, Saar Ganor, and Michael G. Hasel

In the Footsteps of King David: Revelations from Ancient Biblical City, Yosef Garfinkel, Saar Ganor, and Michael G. Hasel

NV Center Detection of Electric Field and Low-Intensity Light, Nicholas Harmon and M. E. Flatt

The Rise of the Kingdom of Judah in the Tenth Century: The Emerging Picture from the Ancient Past, Michael G. Hasel

Flipped Learning - a Creative and Engaging Approach to Social Work Education, Annette Heck and Evie Baker

Assessing and Managing Financial Reporting Risk, Mark Hyder

International Accrediting Council for Business Education Three Day Annual Conference Assembly Meeting, Mark Hyder

IRS Nationwide Tax Forum, Mark Hyder

National Society of Tax Preparers Annual Federal Tax Refresher Course, Mark Hyder

Students Understand their Care Role and have the Ability to Provide Care Following A Multi Patient Collaborative Practice Simulation, B James, Ronda Christman, Christina Shrode, Laura Racovita, Callie McArthur, Sonia Wrate, Christy Showalter, L. A. Schwarzer, Michael Liedke, Christine Moniyung, and Jill Buchholz

A Distinctive Framework for Adventist Nursing, P. S. Jones, Barbara James, J. Owino, M. Abemyl, Paraedes de Beltran, and E. A. Ramal

2018 Dogwood Arts Regional Exhibition, Donald Keefe

Association for Visual Arts (AVA) Juried Show 2018, Donald Keefe

B18- Wiregrass Biennial, Donald Keefe

Solo exhibition, Precarious Structures, Donald Keefe

No Middle Ground: Why Theistic Evolution and Biblical Creation Are Mutually Exclusive, Greg A. King

No Middle Ground: Why Theistic Evolution and Biblical Creation Are Mutually Exclusive, Greg A. King Ph.D.

A World in Miniature: Creation, Cosmos, and Ecology on Seals from Biblical Times, Martin Klingbeil

El alfol de Dios (Mal 3:10). Movimientos disidentes en la basqueda de fondos, Martin Klingbeil

Have Dominion over .. Every Living Thing (Genesis 1:26), Martin Klingbeil

If Failure is (Not) an Option, Martin Klingbeil

Los movimientos disidentes y las interpretaciones futuristas de Daniel 12, Martin Klingbeil

Movimientos disidentes en el siglo 8 AC. La reforma religiosa de Ezequas reflejada en la arqueologa reciente, Martin Klingbeil

The Egyptian Seals, Martin Klingbeil

Attended Seventh-day Adventist Higher Education Summit, Faith Laughlin

Help! They don't all speak English, Faith A. Laughlin

Teaching with technology: (Without breaking the bank)., Faith A. Laughlin

ADHD & Anxiety: Strategies for school success, Faith A. Laughlin and R. Stone

Evangelism in a Postmodern Context, Carlos Martin

Mission in Evangelism in an Urban Setting, Carlos Martin

"Pastors Confronted with the Unfinished Task.", Carlos Martin

"Preparacion para los Eventos Finales" [Preparation for the Final Events], Carlos Martin

Preparation for the Final Crisis, Carlos Martin

What a Pastor Should Do After an Evangelistic Series, Carlos Martin

What a Pastor Should Do Before an Evangelistic Series, Carlos Martin

What a Pastor Should Do During an Evangelistic Series, Carlos Martin

The Dog Can't Eat These Research Notes: Using a Cloud-Based Bibliographic Management System, Kathryn L. McGrath

Virtual Research Coaching: Providing Live, Personalized, Real-time Help for Distance Learners, Kathryn L. McGrath

The Zion Effect, Clarise Nixon and Paul Nixon

Calling and Career, W. Rick Norskov M.D.

Resettled Women in the West: Intergenerational Conflicts, Disruption of Parenting Practices, and Compromised Family Structure and Values, Pierre Nzokizwa

Church Leaders as Culture Makers, Alan Parker, Ph.D.

Five Keys to Opening the Front Door Ministry, Alan Parker, Ph.D.

Millennial Perceptions of Adventist Public Evangelism, Alan Parker, Ph.D.

The Missing Ingredient in Effective Marriage Counseling, Alan Parker, Ph.D.

"Death as Sleep: The (Mis)Use of a Biblical Metaphor.", Wilson Paroschi

"Jesus' Eschatological Legacy: The Tension between the Nearness of the Second Coming and the Mission of the Church.", Wilson Paroschi

O Triunfo do Evangelho, Wilson Paroschi

Romanos: Estudos Introdutorios grave; Justia pela Fe, Wilson Paroschi

The Book of Acts, Wilson Paroschi

The Book of Acts, Wilson Paroschi

“The Role of Spiritualism in Last-Day Events,”, Edwin Reynolds

Lectin-and saccharide-functionalized nano-chemiresistor arrays for detection and identification of pathogenic bacteria infection, Nuvia Saucedo

Electrochemical Biosensor for Rapid Detection of Viable Bacteria and Antibiotic Screening, Nuvia Saucedo, Sira Srinives, and Ashok Mulchandani

Teaching About Crystal Structures in General Chemistry Using 3-D Printed Cubic Unit Cells, Bruce Schilling

Five Bone Objects, Silvia Schroer and Martin Klingbeil

Senior Volunteers Perceptions of Benefitting Students and Giving Back to the Community, L. A. Schwarzer, Ronda Christman, Sonia Wrate, and Laura Racovita

Emergency Preparedness Inter-Professional Collaborative Practice Simulation: Students Perceptions of Civic Engagement and Spirituality, E J. Scott, Ronda Christman, Sonia Wrate, Beckie Retzer, and Laura Racovita

Student's Perceptions of Spiritual Preparedness and Contribution to their Community Following An Emergency Preparedness Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Simulation, E. J. Scott, Ronda Christman, Sonia Wrate, Rebecca Retzer, Laura Racovita, Faith A. Laughlin, Cynthia Gettys Ph.D., L. A. Schwarzer, and Maureen Baksh-Griffin

The Basics of General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry, 2nd ed., Rhonda Scott, David W. Ball, and John W. Hill

Art in the library: Using the Digital Commons platform to preserve library exhibits, Jessica Spears

Asian American & Pacific Islander heritage month display, Jessica Spears

McKee Library website top 5 features for faculty, Jessica Spears and Deyse Bravo

Comparison of antibiotic effect between Hydrastis canadensis xtract and the alkaloid Berberine, Timothy D. Trott

Beyond the prescription: Improving patient outcomes through lifestyle coaching., Lillian Tryon, D.N.P.

Biblical concepts of restoration as a foundation for lifestyle change, Lillian Tryon, D.N.P.

Building a healthy brain: Emerging perspectives on resilience., Lillian Tryon, D.N.P.

Filling the lifestyle prescription: Best practices for coaching lasting lifestyle change., Lillian Tryon, D.N.P.

Student perception of Biblical worldview and personal/professional impact of the SAU Higher Education Biblical Foundation Course Design Model, Lillian Tryon, D.N.P.

Student Perception of Biblical Worldview and Personal/Professional Impact of the SAU Higher Education Biblical Foundation Course Design Model, Lillian Tryon, D.N.P. and Ronda Christman

Memory and Identity, Linda Tym

Perilous Boundaries: Affective Experience in Three Scottish Women Writers' Short Fiction, Linda Tym

Submissions from 2017

Transforming Adventist Nursing Education: Theory to Practice, Linetti Boshers, Brenda Spurbeck, Ronda Christman, and Laura Racovita-Szilagyi

"Hybridity-Instructor/Mentor/Peer (?)", The Urgent Artist: A Collaborative Classroom, Marc Boyson

Empowering online students through library services, Deyse Bravo, Sonja Fordham, Jessica Spears, and Tammy Overstreet

Does Grading Homework Improve Student Performance?, Kevin Brown

Transforming Adventist Nursing Education: Theory to Practice, Jill Buchholz and Ronda Christman

Die Geschichte der Astronomie verdeutlicht die Grenzen der Wissenschaft (Astronomical history reveals the borders of science), Kenneth E. Caviness

The Biblical Basis of Science, Kenneth E. Caviness

True Science: How the naturalistic and Biblical worldviews affect how we do science, Kenneth E. Caviness

Euclid`s Formula and Properties of Pythagorean Triples from The Wolfram Demonstration Project., Kenneth E. Caviness and Lewis R. Caviness

Adults Perceptions of Health and Happiness, Ronda Christman

Improve Learning by Engaging Students, Ronda Christman; Maureen Baksh-Griffin; Sonia Wrate; E J. Scott; Laura Racovita-Szilagyi; Faith Laughlin; Cynthia Gettys, Ph.D.; and Brooks Kirschmann

Student Nurse Assistive Program: A Pre-Licensure Transition to Practice Strategy, Ronda Christman and E. Errico

Adventist Human Subjects Research Association, Ronda Christman, G. Hopkins, and Rene Drumm