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Submissions from 2016

Sharpening Your Teaching Skills II, Julie Hyde

International auditors guide to critical thinking, Mark Hyder

Red flags of fraud and what to do with them, Mark Hyder

Enhancing Patient Safety: The Infusion of Just Culture Behaviors into the Student Clinical Experience., Barbara James and Christine Sammer

Face to face classes: Not as archaic as you think!, B James and Ronda Christman

Moral Distress: From Cowardly Lion to Courageous Action, Frances Johnson 2362973

Artist Talk, Catskill Art Society, Donald Keefe

FreshPaint Magazine; Issue 15., Donald Keefe

The Inauspicious Present, Donald Keefe

Ancient Passports: Seals and Sealings in the Ancient Near East, Martin Klingbeil

Four Judean Bullae from the 2014 Season at Tel Lachish., Martin Klingbeil

Jerusalem: Israel Exploration Society, Martin Klingbeil

Lecture 1: Excavating Religious Reforms at Lachish: New Discoveries at the City Gate; Lecture 2: Discovering King David: Excavating a 10th Century B.C. Judean Fortress, Martin Klingbeil

: Religious Reforms and Government Communications from the Time of King Hezekiah, Martin Klingbeil

Ruinas o Moradas: Hermenutica cultural y la arqueologa., Martin Klingbeil

Sabbath School Quarterly Teacher's Edition: The Book of Job, Martin Klingbeil

The grazing doe: Four Judean Bullae from the 2014 Season at Tel Lachish, Martin Klingbeil

Including Wrist Flexion in the Human Arm Model Changes Everything!,, William B. Laing III, Austin Johnson, Albert Gonzalez, and Chris S. Hansen

Biblical foundations of language learning, Faith A. Laughlin

Teaching Christian values, Faith A. Laughlin

First Timer Experiences and Impressions, Valerie A. Lee

When Sparrows Fall, Valerie A. Lee

Reaching Students of Low Social and Cultural Support Through Active Learning in A&P II., Valerie A. Lee, Tirzah Birk, and Aaron G. Corbit

Short film Kingdomwood Christian Film Festival:-Official Selection-WINNER-Gold, Nicholas Livanos

Travelier Anthem AKA Introducing Travelier Winner: Gold ADDY, Best in Show, Nicholas Livanos

Arise, Shine!, Carlos Martin

Contextualizacion: Los Desafios de la Mision Transcultural [Contextualization: The Challenges of Transcultural Missions], Carlos Martin

Contextualization in Ministry, Carlos Martin

El Sacerdocio de Todos los Creyentes: Fundamento para la Mision. [The Priesthood of All Believers: Foundation for Mission]., Carlos Martin

La Pasion de Cristo Eres Tu [You Are the Passion of Christ], Carlos Martin

Ministries of Service and Compassion as Tools to Fulfill the Great Commission, Carlos Martin

Mision Imposible: Los Desafios de la Obra Sin Terminar [The Challenges of the Unfinished Task]., Carlos Martin

Mision Transcultural: Desafios y Oportunidades [Transcultural Missions: Challenges and Opportunities]., Carlos Martin

Mision Urbana: El Desafio Mas Grande del Siglo 21 [Urban Mission: The Largest Challenge of the 21st Century], Carlos Martin

Mision Urbana: Estrategias para el Siglo 21 [Urban Mission: Strategies for the 21st Century]., Carlos Martin

Mision y Contextualizacion: Principios y Estrategias [Mission and Contextualization: Principles and Strategies]., Carlos Martin

Predicacion Evangelistica: Principios y Estrategias [Evangelistic Preaching: Principles and Strategies]., Carlos Martin

Preparacion para los Eventos Finales [Preparation for the Last-Day Events]., Carlos Martin

Principios para el Crecimiento de la Iglesia Extraidos de Hechos de los Apostoles [Principles of Church Growth Extracted from Acts of the Apostles], Carlos Martin

Sexual Orientation: A Pastoral Approach, Carlos Martin

Short-term Missions, Carlos Martin

Testigos Aqui, Alla, y Mas Alla: Los Desafios de la Testificacion sin Fronteras [Witnessing Here, there and Beyond: The Challenges of Witnessing Without Borders], Carlos Martin

The Challenges of the Remaining Task, Carlos Martin

Who Are the Chosen? An Examination of Claims About the Children of the East., Carlos Martin

Witnessing 101: Basic Strategies for Christian Service, Carlos Martin

Witnessing 102: Advanced Strategies for Christian Service, Carlos Martin

Yo, un Misionero? Una Respuesta Personal al Llamado Divino [Me, a Missionary? A Personal Response to the Divine Call], Carlos Martin

Biography of Arthur Grosvenor Daniells, Benjamin McArthur

The 'Meaning' of the Meaning of God in History, Benjamin McArthur

Conceptual Framework for Pre-service Teachers: Show me the proof!, John W. McCoy, Ed.D.

The impact of privatization on efficiency and productivity: The case of US public hospitals., Luceta McRoy

Immigrant Minority Health, Luceta McRoy, Z Ramamonjiarivelo, and J P. Epan

The effects of direct-to-consumer advertising on medication use among Medicaid children with asthma, Luceta McRoy, R Weech-Maldonado, W. David Bradford, Nir Menachemi, Michael Morrisey, and Meredith Kilgore

The Book of Matthew: Save Us Now, Son of David, Andy Nash

Preliminary description of defensive silk in Latrodectus hesperus, David R. Nelsen, Chris S. Hansen, and Aaron G. Corbit

The Rise of Nationalism and New Integration Challenges for the Newcomers, Pierre Nzokizwa

Teaching Students to Love Learning, Cathy Olson

McKee Learning Lunch, Attendee and Panel Member, Tammy Overstreet

Preaching to the Choir: How Parents Can Help Their Children Succeed in Literacy, Tammy Overstreet

Using Robotic Platforms (Swivls) with Video Platforms (Panopto) in Field Experiences to Enhance Self-Assessment and Reflection by Teacher Candidates, Tammy Overstreet

Using literacy support strategies to enhance reading comprehension in science, Tammy Overstreet and R. L. Davidson

Google applications for education, Tammy Overstreet and Pegi Flynt, Ed. D.

Interactive engagement using Nearpod, Tammy Overstreet and Pegi Flynt, Ed. D.

Factors that Influence Student Perception of the Usefulness of Active Learning Strategies, Elizabeth Paiva, Valerie A. Lee, and Aaron G. Corbit

Book Review of The Open Door, Alan Parker, Ph.D.

Reaching the Heart, Alan Parker, Ph.D.

New Professor Orientation, Elaine Plemons

Summer Institute for Course Design, Elaine Plemons

Using the New Biblical Foundation Course Concept Map Web Application, Elaine Plemons

Biblical foundations of modern social work values and practice competencies., Laura Racovita-Szilagyi and Mioara Diaconu

The impact of privatization on efficiency and productivity: The case of US public hospitals., A Ramamonjiarivelo, J P. Epan, L Hearld, Luceta McRoy, and R Weech-Maldonado

Dez chaves para interpretar o Apocalipse (Ten Keys for Interpreting the Revelation), Edwin Reynolds

Dez chaves para interpretar o livro de Apocalipse (Ten Keys for Interpreting the Book of Revelation), Edwin Reynolds

La figura de babilonia en el libro de Apocalipsis (The Figure of Babylon in the Book of Revelation), Edwin Reynolds

Review of Ranko Stefanovic, Plain Revelation, Edwin Reynolds

The Mission of the Church in the Book of Revelation, Edwin Reynolds

2016 Summer Institute Level 1 - Introduction to the Biblical foundation Design, Adrienne Royo

Advisory Council Member, Adrienne Royo

A Missionary to... Establishing Churches to God's Glory, Adrienne Royo

Charge/Recharge: An Educator's PowerPack Installation, Adrienne Royo

CSCTFL Presider for a half-day workshop entitled The Role of Grammar in the Can-do Classroom, Adrienne Royo

MSI Global Education Summit, Adrienne Royo

Partnering with Faculty to Expand Global Education, Adrienne Royo

Presentation Reviewer. Campus Research Day., Adrienne Royo

The Joys and challenges of Leading from the Middle, Adrienne Royo

The Re-entry Pathway for Study Abroad Students, Adrienne Royo

Counties eliminating racial disparities in colorectal cancer mortality., George Rust, Shun Zhang, Z Yu, Lee Caplan, S Jain, T Ayer, Luceta McRoy, and Robert S. Levine

Developing Student Proficiency in Reading Biochemical Literature, Rhonda Scott

Bytes and bits: Southern Adventist University-McKee Library, Jessica Spears

Comparative Analysis of Comprehension of Non-Content Specific Collegiate Vocabulary., Molly C. Theus, Valerie A. Lee, and Aaron G. Corbit

Plant-based Rx: Integrating nutrition conversations into clinical practice., Lillian Tryon, D.N.P.

Teaching from a Biblical foundation, Lillian Tryon, D.N.P.

Crude Business: Memory and the Nonhuman in Robert Alan Jamieson's Thin Wealth, Linda Tym

Longing for Another's Past: Nostalgia and Transgenerational Memory in Twentieth-century Scottish Fiction, Linda Tym

Love's Quest: 'The Hound of Heaven', Linda Tym

Scotland and the History of Slavery, Linda Tym

Teaching Literary and Cultural Theory, Linda Tym

Slowing the Action: The Politics of Time and Money in the Adventist English Department, Linda Tym and Keely Tary

Goddesses from Canaanite Lachish, Strata, Itamar Weissbein, Yosef Garfinkel, Michael G. Hasel, and Martin Klingbeil

Addressing behavioral addictions in adolescents: Creating a school-wide culture of prevention, Tron Wilder and S. Baughman