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Submissions from 2015

Evangelismo para Todos [Evangelism for Everyone]., Carlos Martin

Evangelismo Urbano pasra el Siglo 21 [Urban Evangelism for the 21st Century]., Carlos Martin

Fly High: Motivation for Excellence., Carlos Martin

Ministerio como Responsabilidad de Todos los Creyentes [Ministry as the Responsibility of All Believers], Carlos Martin

Plantacion de Iglesias: Estrategia Clave para Iglecrecimiento Urbano [Church Planting: Key Strategy for Urban Church Growth], Carlos Martin

Poder para Todos [Power for Everyone]., Carlos Martin

Sexual Orientation: A Pastoral Approach, Carlos Martin

Testificacion para Todos [Witnessing for Everyone], Carlos Martin

The Pastor as Motivator: How to Mobilize Church Members in Effective Evangelism., Carlos Martin

The Science of Soul Winning: Advanced Approaches, Carlos Martin

Una Teologia Biblica de la Mision: Fundamento para Misiones Adventistas [A Biblical Theology of Mission: Foundation for Adventist Missions], Carlos Martin

Venid y Adoremos: Evangelismo y Adoracion [O Come Let Us Adore Him: Evangelism and Worship], Carlos Martin

Anticipation: A phenomenological investigation of a Maned Wolf keeper talk, Daniel Maxwell

The research lifecycle as strategic roadmap, Daniel Maxwell

Instructional Leadership, Studies on Education, John W. McCoy, Ed.D.

Solving Taphonomic Jigsaw Puzzles: Insight Into the Complex Depositional History Of a Lance Formation (Maastrichtian) Dinosaur Bonebed, M. A. McLain, A V. Chadwick, L. Brand, and David R. Nelsen

William Faulkner's Dilsey, Robert Penn Warren's Manty, and Race Politics., Dennis Negron

Poke but don't pinch: risk assessment and venom metering in the western black widow spider, Latrodectus hesperus, David R. Nelsen, W. Kelln, and William K. Hayes

Poisons, toxungens, and venoms: redefining and classifying toxic biological secretions and the organisms that employ them., David R. Nelsen, Zia Nisani, Allen M. Cooper, Gerad A. Fox, Eric C.K. Gren, Aaron G. Corbit, and William K. Hayes

Redemption in Genesis: The Crossroads of Faith and Reason, John Nixon

A Review of Practice and Policies on Mental Health Needs or Refugees in the United States: The Example of Burundian Refugees., Pierre Nzokizwa

How Far will our money go?, Braam Oberholster

Purpose of Work, Braam Oberholster

Reversing the rainbow effect: Finding synergy in the multicultural workplace., Braam Oberholster

Using Business as Mission, Braam Oberholster

Using Business as Mission., Braam Oberholster

Missionary Expatriates, Braam Oberholster and C. Doss

Changing Church Culture: Challenges and Strategies, Alan Parker, Ph.D.

Back to the Future: Critical Reflection and Effective Practice, Elaine Plemons

Board Member, Elaine Plemons

Coordinator, Elaine Plemons

Ideas for Flipping Your Classroom, Elaine Plemons

New Professor Orientation, Elaine Plemons

Summer Institute for Curriculum Design/Redesign, Elaine Plemons

The Development of a Higher Education Biblical Foundation Course Design Model., Elaine Plemons M.A.

Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide, Teacher's Edition, Edwin Reynolds

2015 Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting, Adrienne Royo

CIEE Conference Attendance, Adrienne Royo

Historia de España e Hispanoamérica - La perspectiva literaria, Adrienne Royo

Languages - A Means of Sharing the Gospel, Adrienne Royo

Languages - A Pathway to Global and Celestial Citizenship, Adrienne Royo

The Culture-Driven Classroom - A How-To Guide, Adrienne Royo

GC Session ANN Day 2, July 3, 2015, Stephen Ruf

GC Session ANN Day 3, July 4, 2015, Stephen Ruf

GC Session ANN, Day 4, July 5, 2015, Stephen Ruf

GC Session ANN Day 5, July 6, 2015, Stephen Ruf

GC Session ANN Day 6, July 8, 2015, Stephen Ruf

GC Session ANN Day 8, July 9, 2015, Stephen Ruf

GC Session Day 1, Stephen Ruf

GC Session Day 9, Stephen Ruf

Video Full Episode, Stephen Ruf

The Lachish Jar Sherd: An Early Alphabetic Inscription Discovered in 2014, Benjamin Sass, Yosef Garfinkel, Michael G. Hasel, and Martin Klingbeil

The Journal publications of the CBFA., Sara E. Saunders, Kevin Brown, Y Smith, and Michael E. Cafferky

Bytes and bits: Southern Adventist University-McKee Library, Jessica Spears

Setting, character, action: Well-Told business and Biblical narrative, Verlyne Starr, M.A.

Servant Leadership: What It Is and Is Not and Why It Matters; Servant Leadership: Stepping Up to the Challenges but Not Stepping On People, Doug Tilstra

Identification of Proline-rich Protein Genes in Common Wildflowers of Southeastern Tennessee, Timothy D. Trott

RESTORED!, Barry Tryon and Lillian Tryon, D.N.P.

Coaching lasting lifestyle change, Lillian Tryon, D.N.P.

Coaching lifestyle change., Lillian Tryon, D.N.P.

Communication and collaboration., Lillian Tryon, D.N.P.

Health promotion, Lillian Tryon, D.N.P.

Lifestyle coaching in faith community nursing practice., Lillian Tryon, D.N.P.

The effect of group lifestyle coaching in low-income diabetic patients, Lillian Tryon, D.N.P.

Understanding lifestyle change., Lillian Tryon, D.N.P.

Crude Business: North Sea Petrochemical Narratives, Linda Tym

Memory Studies and Education, Linda Tym

No Man Is An Island: Instability, Isolation, and the Postmodern Christian, Linda Tym

No Man is An Island: Instability, Isolation, and the Postmodern Christian, Linda Tym

Biblical worldview and the business curriculum: The Scriptural Foundations for Business series, B Wrenn and Michael E. Cafferky

Submissions from 2014

Engaging the Entire Classroom: The Socrative Student Response System, Loren A. Barnhurst Ph.D.

Mental hooks: Creative techniques to enhance retention of key concepts in organic chemistry, Loren A. Barnhurst Ph.D.

Thumbs up, thumbs down: Predicting electrocyclic reaction stereochemistry, Loren A. Barnhurst Ph.D.

Animal Ethics, Stephen Bauer

Environment, Stephen Bauer

Teaching Them to Disobey: An Investigation of How James Rachels Attacks the Foundations of Christian Ethics Based on the Theory of Evolution., Stephen Bauer

Shifting Writing Instruction to Honor the NAD Standards for Language Arts, Krystal Bishop

Teaching Language Arts Using the New North American Division Standards, Krystal Bishop

You Are My Son: God as Father in Psalms and Ancient Near Eastern Iconography, Guilherme Brasil de Souza and Martin Klingbeil

KnowledgeExchange@Southern, Deyse Bravo-Rivera

Using an Institutional Repository as a Platform for Digital Archives and Research., Deyse Bravo-Rivera

College Algebra: A Comparison of Traditional and Computer Aided Approaches, Kevin Brown and Patricia Anderson

Ancient Religious Wisdom on the Optimist Creed: What it Means to Talk Health, Happiness and Prosperity to Every Person You Meet,, Michael E. Cafferky

Appointed to the endowed chair: The Ruth McKee Chair for Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics, Michael E. Cafferky

Are Religion-affiliated nonprofit organizations more effective?, Michael E. Cafferky

A thematic framework for ethics process and content., Michael E. Cafferky

Being Adventist in business: Is there a distinct difference?, Michael E. Cafferky

Biblical foundation for administration and finance, Michael E. Cafferky

Biblical foundation for leadership., Michael E. Cafferky

Business ethics in biblical perspective: A thematic framework or ethics process and content, Michael E. Cafferky

Guest appearance on 3ABN Today television show presenting and discussing the Scriptural Foundations for Business monograph series., Michael E. Cafferky

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall: Using children's words to teach management,, Michael E. Cafferky

Management: A Faith-based Perspective Blog., Michael E. Cafferky

Motivating employees: Biblical record contemporary research, Michael E. Cafferky

Pursue Prosperity!, Michael E. Cafferky

Reviewer: Completed a double-blind peer review of four papers submitted for consideration for the Academy of management, Michael E. Cafferky

Reviewer: Completed a double-blind peer review of two chapters submitted for consideration in the book Teaching Ethics Across the Management Curriculum: A handbook for international faculty, Michael E. Cafferky

Reviewer: Completed a double-blind review of an article submitted to the Journal of Biblical Integration in Business,, Michael E. Cafferky

Reviewer: Double-blind peer review of three papers, Michael E. Cafferky

Teaching the gospel from agency theory in the Bible, Michael E. Cafferky