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Submissions from 2014

The Bible on commerce and management., Michael E. Cafferky

The ethical foundation for prosperity: Contemporary views vs the biblical view., Michael E. Cafferky

The ethical-religious framework for shalom, Michael E. Cafferky

The study of religion in graduate degree programs: Opportunities and structural issues, Michael E. Cafferky

Word-of-mouth Marketing, Michael E. Cafferky

Breakeven analysis: The definitive guide to cost-volume-profit analysis, Michael E. Cafferky and Jon Wentworth

Technological Literacy: Why Is It Important., Ray Carson

Cumulative Area under a Cycloid versus the Area of Its Rolling Circle, Kenneth E. Caviness

Cyclogons, Kenneth E. Caviness

Generating the Surreal Numbers, Kenneth E. Caviness

Three Ways to Solve Domino Grids,, Kenneth E. Caviness

Making the Three Areas Defined by Congruent Overlapping Circles Equal, Kenneth E. Caviness and Eugene Stewart

Hirano's Construction of a Regular Pentagon from The Wolfram Demonstrations Project., Kenneth E. Caviness and S. Eugene Stewart

eClass Overview: How to Navigate Your Online Class, Ronda Christman

eClass Overview: See Behind the Scenes, Ronda Christman

You Have Heard About the Flipped Classroom: Now Come Hear How Ronda is Flipping a Nursing Class, Ronda Christman

RN-BSN Student Perceptions of an Ideal Face-to-Face Class., Ronda Christman and Barbara James

Students Perceptions of Content Delivery in Nursing Education in the BSN-Completion Program, Ronda Christman and Barbara James

Describing the benefits of an intergenerational faith-based service program, Ronda Christman and Shannon M. Trecartin

Quantifying Stupidity: Factors associated with legitimate venomous snakebites in Southern California, Aaron G. Corbit

Technology Software Processes at Khirbet Qeiyafa, Michael Dant

Geoffrey Treasure, The Huguenots, Lisa Clark Diller, Ph.D.

Gilbert Burnet's Contested History, Lisa Clark Diller, Ph.D.

Ill-formed passions, candor and evenness, and superficial writers': Gilbert Burnet and the Historians of the English Reformation, Lisa Clark Diller, Ph.D.

My Prophetic-Historical Imagination, Lisa Clark Diller, Ph.D.

Teaching Adventist History, Lisa Clark Diller, Ph.D.

Teaching Denominational History: A Study of Seventh-day Adventist Data, Lisa Clark Diller, Ph.D.

The Forgotten Legacy of 1844 and Trusting God, Washing Feet, Lisa Clark Diller, Ph.D.

The Poor Who are Cast Out, Lisa Clark Diller, Ph.D.

Tolerance and Coexistance in Early Modern Spain: Old Christians and Moriscos in the Campo de Calatraval, Lisa Clark Diller, Ph.D. and Trevor J. Dadson

Developing a site-wide reference tree-ring chronology on the biology trail system of Southern Adventist University: How the past informs the future of our forests., Brenden Dodd, Jorge Magana, Brenton Campbell, Michael Chung, Seth L. Daly Stennis, Melissa You, Benjamin J. Thornton PhD, and Henri Gressino-Mayer

Faculty Showcase presentation on formative assessment in higher education, Bonnie Eder

A longitudinal look at the theory base used in AECT conference proceedings., Peggy Flint

Integrating Technology in the Classroom., Peggy Flint

iPad Apps for the Classroom., Peggy Flint

The 5Cs of the connected classroom., Peggy Flint

Appendix 3: Area D - List of Loci and Locus Descriptions, Yosef Garfinkel, Saar Ganor, and Michael G. Hasel

Architecture and Stratigraphy, Yosef Garfinkel, Saar Ganor, and Michael G. Hasel

Chapter 1: The 2009-2013 Excavations, Yosef Garfinkel, Saar Ganor, and Michael G. Hasel

Chapter 8: Area D, Yosef Garfinkel, Saar Ganor, and Michael G. Hasel

Chapter 8: The Olive Press Installation, Yosef Garfinkel, Saar Ganor, and Michael G. Hasel

The Fourth Expedition to Lachish Lecture Series: The Lachish Project, Yosef Garfinkel, Michael G. Hasel, and Martin Klingbeil

Article for the Journal of Adventist Education, Cynthia Gettys Ph.D.

Center for Teaching Excellence and Biblical Foundations of Faith and Learning Summer Institute for Curriculum Design/Redesign, Cynthia Gettys Ph.D.

Center for Teaching Excellence and Biblical Foundations of Faith and Learning Summer Institute for Curriculum Design/Redesign, Cynthia Gettys Ph.D.

External Reviewer, Cynthia Gettys Ph.D.

New Professor Orientation, Cynthia Gettys Ph.D.

New Professor Orientation, Cynthia Gettys Ph.D.

Dalton State College 5th Annual Teaching and Learning Conference at Dalton State College, Dalton, GA., Cynthia Gettys, Ph.D.

Invitee to the International Conference on the Bible and Science, Cynthia Gettys, Ph.D.

Southern Regional Faculty and Instructional Development Consortium, Cynthia Gettys, Ph.D.

Consulting Director, Executive Producer, Visual Effects Supervisor, Old Fashioned, upcoming February theatrical release., Zach Gray

Nothing Does Not Exist, Zach Gray

A Brief Family History of Chemistry, Brent Hamstra, Ph.D.

180 technical plans, sections, and artifact illustrations, and in William G. Dever, Excavations at the Early Bronze Sites of Jebel Qaaqir and Beer Resisim, Giselle Sarli Hasel, M.F.A.

Friendly Fire: Teaching Art from a Christian Perspective, Giselle Sarli Hasel, M.F.A.

Biographical Sketch of Gerhard F. Hasel, Michael G. Hasel

The Fourth Expedition to Lachish: History and Overview., Michael G. Hasel

The Intersection Between Archaeology, the Bible, and Faith, Michael G. Hasel

Area D - Square Supervisors' Reports, Michael G. Hasel and Clemente Perez Garcia

Do Triatomic Molecules Echo Atomic Periodicity?, Ray Hefferlin

Introduction to 7th Grade Unit on Earth and Space Science, Ray Hefferlin

Molecular Taxonomy, Ray Hefferlin

Refereeing of article PP-0814-275, Ray Hefferlin

Vibration frequencies for spectra of triatomic molecules in interstellar space, Ray Hefferlin

Differential protein expression during limb regeneration of Anolis carolinensis, Victor Hong, Victoria Ahles, Adrian Sarli, Matthew Green, and Benjamin J. Thornton

Teaching Introductory Accounting, Julie Hyde

General Conference Auditing Service North America Area Seminar, Mark Hyder

Professional ethics update for 2014, Mark Hyder

Understanding financial statements, controls and budget process, Mark Hyder

How 2 B Gen Y/Z Pass, Barbara James

Innovations in Engaging Learners with Technology in the 21st Century, Barbara James and Ronda Christman

Altertumliche und moderne Kriege, Martin Klingbeil

Book of Psalms, Martin Klingbeil

Children I have Raised and Brought up (Isaiah 1:2) Female Metaphors for God in Isaiah and the Iconography of the Syro-Palestinian Goddess Asherah, Martin Klingbeil

Exclusivism versus Inclusivism: Citizenship in the Pentateuch and its Metaphorical Usage in Ephesians, Martin Klingbeil

The Iconography of the Syro-Palestinian Goddess Asherah, Martin Klingbeil

Articles in The Ellen G. White Encyclopedia, Judson Lake

Ellen White and Inspiration, Judson Lake

Ellen White and the Bible, Judson Lake

Ellen White's Prophetic Ministry, Judson Lake

Recipient of Lily Fund grant to attend writing seminar at Collegeville Institute, Kendra Lee

Retweet, Repost, Reply All, Kendra Lee

It's Worth the Sacrifice, Valerie A. Lee

Cerca Esta el Fin del Mundo [The End of the World is at Hand], Carlos Martin

Church Growth in Acts of the Apostles, Carlos Martin

Contextualizacion en la Mision Adventista [Contextualization in Adventist Missions], Carlos Martin

El Pastor como Capacitador: Como Motivar a los Miembros de la Iglesia para Participar en Ministerio [The Pastor as Enabler: Motivating Church Members in Ministry], Carlos Martin

ERC Evangelistic Series, Carlos Martin

Estrategias para el Crecimiento de Iglesia en las Grandes Ciudades [Strategies for Church Growth in Large Cities]., Carlos Martin

Eventos Finales 2014 [Last-Day Events 2014], Carlos Martin

Iglecrecimiento en un Contexto Urbano [Church Growth in an Urban Context], Carlos Martin

Integration of my Faith with my Running Leading to Qualification for the Boston Marathon, Carlos Martin

La Predicacion Evangelisica en un Contexto Urbano [Evangelistic Preaching in an Urban Context]., Carlos Martin

Last Day Events: A Reader, Carlos Martin

Missions in Our Backyard: Evangelism Among Newly Arrived Hispanics to the United States., Carlos Martin

Predicacion Evangelistica en Centros Urbanos [Evangelistic Preaching in an Urban Setting], Carlos Martin

Preparacion para los Eventos Finales [Preparation for the Last-Day Events], Carlos Martin

The Religions of the World from the Perspective of a Christian Witness., Carlos Martin

The Science of Soul Winning: Basic Strategies, Carlos Martin