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Submissions from 2024

Impact and Insights Gained from Emergency Preparedness IPE Simulation, Gary Bradley, Faith Laughlin, Ronda Christman, and Laura Racovita

Reaching Across Campus to Collaborate with Colleagues in an Emergency Preparedness Interprofessional Collaborative Practice (EP-IPCP) Simulation, Ronda Christman and Gary Bradley

The Importance of Health and Socialization While Engaging with our Communities and Students, Ronda Christman, Bev Mayfield, and Marcelle Angall-Leonce

McKee Library Hosts John Gould's Artwork, Bethany Howard

Gamification Tools for Libraries, Bethany Howard and Mica Myers

Ambispection: The Artwork of Donald Keefe,, Donald Keefe and Donald Keefe

Donald Keefe: Ambispection, Donald Keefe and Donald Keefe

THE FOCUS INTERVIEW: DONALD KEEFE JAN. 17, 2024, Donald Keefe and Donald Keefe

"Vice Versa" Exhibition featuring the works of Donald Keefe & Heath Montgomery. John C. Williams Gallery, Southern Adventist University, Jan 25-Feb 23 2024., Donald Keefe and Donald Keefe


"Weekly Floral Survey of Collins Gulf in Savage Gulf State Park During Spring 2023: A Learning Process.”, Ben Thornton, Matthew Gano, Roger Hall Dr., and David Steen Dr.

Inspiring Growth Mindset in Our Students, Matthew Tolbert

Submissions from 2023


Education in the AI Era: Challenges and Opportunities, German Harvey Alferez


Machine Learning in Action: Exploring Examples in Multiple Domains, GERMAN HARVEY ALFEREZ

Medicine 4.0: Revolutionizing healthcare with AI, GERMAN HARVEY ALFEREZ

Cracking CAEP! Engaging 'My Accreditation Assistant' as a Platform for Success, Samantha Alperin and Kathryn L. McGrath

High Stakes, High Stress: Improving Stakes and Combating Stress Through Accreditation Collaboration, Samantha Alperin and Kathryn L. McGrath


Mining the Internet to Discover Learning Management Systems popularity: Evaluating Who is on Top and Why, Scot Anderson and Patricia Anderson

“‘Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore, get wisdom’ Prov. 4:7,”, Vola Andrianarijaona

A Better Way to Educate for Disaster Preparedness, Gary Bradley, Ronda Christman, and Faith Laughlin

ASDAL Through the Years: A History of the Association of Seventh-day Adventist Librarians, Deyse Bravo

Association of Intergenerational Interactions on Emotional Wellbeing, Ronda Christman, Bev Mayfield, Rachel Loukota, and Marcelle Angall-Leonce


Isotope effect of the mutual neutralization reaction at low collision energies: He^+ + H^−, Arnaud Dochain, Vola M. Andrianarijaona, and Xavier Urbain

Adverse Childhood Experiences, Resilience, and Student Engagement in a University Statistics Course, adam heck


Performance Comparison of Operations in the File System and in Embedded Key-Value Databases, Jesse Hines, Nicholas Cunningham, and GERMAN HARVEY ALFEREZ

Connecting Students to the Archive, Bethany Howard

Open Educational Resources & Power Notes, Bethany Howard, Deyse Bravo, and Donald Martin

Providing Vulnerable Communities a Recipe for the Abundant Life, Joy Kauffman and Ronda Christman

Dogwood Arts Regional Exhibition. Emporium Center, Knoxville, TN. Aug 4-25., Donald Keefe and Donald Keefe

Elemental Edifices Exhibition at WaveLength Space, Chattanooga, TN, Aug 19-Sept 17, Donald Keefe and Donald Keefe

Exhibiting Artist in “Gathered Together:” a Group Exhibition, WaveLength Space, Chattanooga, TN. Dec 9, 2023-Jan 13, 2024., Donald Keefe and Donald Keefe

SECAC (Southeastern College Art Conference) Juried Exhibition participant, Hosted by Virginia Common Wealth University at Try-Me Gallery, Richmond, VA, October 9-28, 2023, Donald Keefe and Donald Keefe

Ach, Herr, bemühe dich nicht; ich bin nicht wert, dass du unter mein Dach gehst; darum habe ich auch mich selbst nicht für würdig geachtet, zu dir zu kommen; sondern sprich ein Wort, so wird mein Knecht gesund. (German SDA Devotional, May 17, 2023)., Martin Klingbeil

Er hob den Stock und schlug damit zweimal an den Felsen. Da kam soi viel Wasser heraus, dass Menschen und Vieh genug zu trinken hatten. (German SDA Devotional, October 24, 2023)., Martin Klingbeil


Вывод уравнения Клейна-Гордона-Фока из первых принципов, Anton A. Lipovka, Vola Masoandro Andrianarijaona, and Colton H. Davis


God Is A Person: Discovering God For Yourself Workbook, Clarise Nixon and Paul Nixon

Expatriate children: Lessons learned from missionary kids (MKs), Abraham Johannes Oberholster and Cheryl Doss


Embracing the Struggle - Strategies to Improve Physical Activity for Exhausted Nurses, Andrew Richards

Engaging & Receiving Feedback from Learners in the University Classroom, Andrew Richards


School Counselor Perceptions and Practices Advising Male High School Students Regarding a Career in Nursing, Andrew Richards and Stephanie Gedzyk-Nieman

The Great Escape: A Trilogy of Escape Rooms to Engage & Educate Nursing Students, Andrew Richards, Jaclynn Huse, and Christina Shrode

Addressing the associate level nurse faculty shortage: Do job and mentoring satisfaction predict retention?, Andrew Richards and Joy Kieffer

Non-Profit Outcomes and Measurements, Matthew Tolbert

Submissions from 2022


Achieving digital transformation with data science, Germán H. Alférez


¿Venimos de una simulación computacional?, Germán H. Alférez


Automated machine learning pipeline for geochemical analysis, Germán H. Alférez, Oscar A. Esteban, Benjamin L. Clausen, and Ana María Martínez Ardila

Database Query Execution Through Virtual Reality, Logan T. Bateman, Marc A. Butler, and Germán H. Alférez

Automatic Classification of Felsic, Mafic, and Ultramafic Rocks in Satellite Images from Palmira and La Victoria, Colombia, Saulo Bosquez, Germán H. Alférez, Ana María Martínez Ardila, and Benjamin L. Clausen

How Spirituality Intersects with Civic Engagement Following and Emergency Preparedness Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Simulation, Gary Bradley, Ronda Christman, Liane DeSouza, Beckie Retzer, Laura Racovita-Szilagyi, and Faith Laughlin

Be Bold: Practice Just Culture, Ronda Christman and Barbara James

Creating positive teams using Clifton Strengths, Ronda Christman, Gus Martin, Beth Scott, Jill Buchholz, Deanna Walker, and Polina Kadatska


Empowering and Equipping Students to Nurture their Personal Devotional Time., Ronda Christman, Beth Scott, Gary Bradley, Dionne Felix, and Andrew Richards

Introducing Database Normal Forms to Students: A Comparison Between Theory-First and Practice-First Educational Approaches, Dakota C. Cookenmaster, Jacob A. Bahn, and GERMAN ALFEREZ


Human-Wildlife Conflict at a Suburban–Wildlands Interface: Effects of Short- and Long-Distance Translocations on Red Diamond Rattlesnake (Crotalus ruber) Activity and Survival, Aaron G. Corbit and William K. Hayes

SNAP To It! New Graduates Transition to the Real World of Nursing, Elen D’Errico, Robert Harrity, and Ronda Christman


Catholic Parenting in a Protestant State, Lisa Clark Diller

Catholic Parenting Under Threat: Early Modern Strategies for Survival, Lisa Clark Diller

Keeping up with the Catholics: Protestant Evangelism in the Late 17th Century, Lisa Clark Diller


Beam Chopping Control using Digital Pulse Generators, Arian Dovald, Timothy Suzuki, Vola M. Andrianarijaona, and Charles C. Havener

Opportunities to support night shift nurses’ wellbeing, Adelaide Durkin and Andrew Richards

Understanding and Cultivating Mathematical Resilience in Students, Adam Heck and Anthony Bosman


McKee Library Hosts Campus Research Day, Bethany Howard


McKee Library to Host Living Memoirs Event, Bethany Howard

Mastering the Library: Your Endgame to Finding Online Research and Writing Resources, Bethany Howard, Jessica Spears, Deyse Bravo, Donald Martin, Stanley Cottrell, Sonja Fordham, and Seth Shaffer

Ambispection: A Solo exhibition of artworks by Donald Keefe, Donald Keefe

Donald Keefe, MFA Art Exhibition Reception and Gallery Talk, Donald Keefe

From Dreams to Legacy: How Chris Ramsey‘s Community Service Activity Turned into a Legacy., Farron Kilburn, Ronda Christman, and Michelle Youngblood

“‘As the Deer Pants for the Water…’ (Psalm 42:1): An Image of Loinging for God’s Presence in the Psalms and Its Reflection in Recent Archaeology.” 25th AIIAS Annual Theological Forum: Reading the Psalms. Songs of Struggle, Hope, and Promise. November 10-12, 2022. Silang, Cavite, Phillipines., Martin Klingbeil

German Devotional for: Wirf dein Anliegen auf den Herrn; der wird dich versorgen und wird den Gerechten in Ewigkeit nicht wanken lassen., Martin Klingbeil

Klingbeil, Martin G. “Psalms 1-75.” Pp. 1-312 in Seventh-day Adventist International Bible Commentary. Edited by Jacques Doukhan. Nampa, Id.: Pacific Press and Review & Herald, 2022., Martin Klingbeil

“The Imprecatory Psalms from a Theological and Pastoral Perspective.” 25th AIIAS Annual Theological Forum: Reading the Psalms. Songs of Struggle, Hope, and Promise. November 10-12, 2022. Silang, Cavite, Phillipines., Martin Klingbeil

Bold Promotion of Health Stewardship., Bev Mayfield, Marcelle Angall-Leonce, and Ronda Christman

Certification Officer Boot Camp: Everything you Need to Know but Didn’t Know to Ask, Kathryn L. McGrath, Michael Crosa, and Eric Olmstead

God Is A Person: Discovering God for Yourself, Clarise Nixon and Paul D. Nixon

Leaders Can Maximize Resources Boldly by Utilizing Clifton StrengthsFinder, Jennifer Phillips and Ronda Christman

Improving nurse educator retention in associate degree programs, Andrew Richards

Improving nurse educator retention in Associate Degree Programs [Virtual presentation], Andrew Richards

Professional Transitions: Preparing for Change, Andrew Richards

Professional Transitions Preparing for Change - A DIY Workshop, Andrew Richards

University Research Students’ Perceptions of Activities of Daily Living and Spirituality, Andrew Richards, Ronda Christman, Beth Scott, and Gary Bradley

University students' perceptions of activities of daily living & spirituality, Andrew Richards, Ronda Christman, Elizabeth Scott, Gary Bradley, and Dionne Felix

University Students’ Screen Time has Increased Since COVID-19., Beth Scott, Ronda Christman, Gary Bradley, and Andrew Richards

Boldly Using Technology to Achieve Educational Objectives, Beth Scott, David Levy, and Ronda Christman

The Land Grant College and Sciences at the University of California, Michael Weismeyer


Measurement of the Charge Exchange for N7+, O7+ Ions in Collision with Atomic H, R. T. Zhang, D. G. Seely, V. M. Andrianarijaona, I. N. Draganić, and C. C. Havener


Target and Velocity Dependence of Charge Exchange X-Ray Emission at Solar Wind Velocities, R. T. Zhang, D. G. Seely, V.M. Andrianarijaona, F. Jaeckel, D. Wulf, K. Morgan, D. McCammon, and C. C. Havener

Submissions from 2021


Eye Accommodation, Near Vision, and Far Vision from a Geometrical Optics Point of View, Zahra Asadollahi and Vola Andrianarijaona

2021 eBUG Annual Conference Panel, Deyse Bravo

The COVID Challenge: Keeping up with Student Engagement during a Pandemic, Deyse Bravo

Everyday Gratitude: How to Keep the Spirit of Thanksgiving Alive All Year, Deyse Bravo and Jessica Spears

Leadership training creating healthy work environments by enhancing knowledge regarding CliftonStrengths and Emotional Intelligence., Ronda Christman, Cynthia Gettys, Robert Overstreet, Laura Racovita, Polina Kadatska, Lucas Patterson, and Michael Weismeyer

Wisdom Learned from an IPE Disaster Simulation, Ronda Christman, Cynthia Gettys, Beth Scott, Gary Bradley, and Laura Racovita-Szilagyi

Finding Balance and Purpose in a Co-created Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Emergency Preparedness Simulation., Ronda Christman, Cynthia Gettys, Beth Scott, Laura Racovita, Gary Bradley, Beckie Retzer, and Rachel Williams-Smith

Just Culture is Beneficial for Safer Healthcare Delivery Following A Multi Patient Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Simulation., Ronda Christman, Barbara James, and Kerry Allen

Collaborations to Serve the Health-challenged in our Community., Ronda Christman, Farrron Kilburn, Michelle Youngblood, and Cynthia Gettys


Traveling Tolerances: English-Speaking Protestants Abroad After the Restoration, Lisa Clark Diller

Annual Congress of the Society of Biblical Literature, 20-23 November, 2021 – “Ad fontes with the Grazing Doe: Artifact Literacy of a Pastoral Image Fifty Years after Keel's Symbolism of the Biblical World,” San Antonio, TX, USA, Martin Klingbeil

Eine Sommerreise durch die Psalmen (A Summer’s Journey through the Psalms), Martin Klingbeil

Klingbeil, Martin G. “Ausdauer.” Adventist World (May 2021): 10-11. [German Edition], Martin Klingbeil

Klingbeil, Martin G. “Perseverance.” Adventist World (May 2021): 10-11., Martin Klingbeil


Seeking Understanding - Martin Klingbeil, Martin Klingbeil